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Security Text Fonts

IDAutomation Security Fonts are used to generate and securely print text, names, amounts and currency on highly sensitive documents, like bank checks, in formats that cannot be easily altered, which can prevent forgeries. This package includes Security Fonts with the following features:

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Additional IDAutomation Security Fonts Information

  • IDAutomation Security Fonts Advantage PackageEasy to Use: easily print secure text, names, amounts, symbols and currency.
  • Alpha-Numeric Character Set includes both upper and lower case alpha characters as well as numbers, symbols and multiple currency characters like Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen.
  • Cross-platform Support: The encoding in IDAutomation Security Fonts allows cross-platform support between UNIX, Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Several Font Formats are available in TrueType, OpenType, PCL LaserJet soft fonts and PostScript font versions.
  • Multiple Versions are provided to support four different height/width requirements.
  • IDAutomation Security Fonts are also available as part of the MICR E13B Font Advantage Package.
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