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Code 128 Barcode Fonts

The Code 128 Barcode is a high-density linear symbology that encodes text, numbers, numerous functions and the complete 128 ACII Character Set (0-128). It is commonly used for Global Trade Identification, Blood, Tissue and Organ Products, Shipping Cartons, US Mail Special Services and more. This package includes Code 128 Barcode Fonts with the following features:

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  • Code 128 Barcode Font Advantage PackageCode 128 - Easy-to-print barcode font commonly used for various barcoding specifications such as AIM USS Code 128, UCC 128, EAN 128, SSCC 18, SCC 14, ISBT 128, ISS Code 128, USPS Special Services and Canadian Post and other specifications based on Code 128.
  • Alpha-Numeric Character Set - Code 128 is a high-density barcode that encodes numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase text, as well as functions such as returns and tabs.
  • Industry Standard Support -These Code 128 fonts were developed according to ANSI and European (CEN) standards.
  • Integration Examples - Includes examples for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access versions 2003 and later, as well as Crystal Reports and FileMaker.
  • Several Font Formats Supplied - TrueType, OpenType, PCL laserjet soft fonts and PostScript font versions are included.
  • Multiple Versions Provided - 18 different versions of the Code 128 fonts are provided to support human readable versions, different width, and height requirements.
  • Cross-Platform Support - The unique encoding in IDAutomation fonts allow for cross-platform support between UNIX, Mac and Microsoft Windows systems.
  • Over 30 Font Tools Included - Used to automate the process of adding start codes, stop codes and calculating the check digits for barcode fonts that require them.
  • Human Readable display within the font without showing the check character.
  • GS1-128 AIs with parentheses are visible in the human readable version.
  • Unicode option improves compatibility with Mac and double-byte character sets.
  • Prices from $159 for a Single User License.
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