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Codabar Barcode Font Package

Codabar barcodes are used for various numeric barcoding applications for libraries, blood banks and parcels. Implementing barcode solutions with the IDAutomation Codabar Barcode Font Advantage Packages provides high-quality barcode printing results for multiple operating systems and applications. This package includes Codabar Barcode Fonts with the following features:

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  • IDAutomation Codabar Barcode Font Advantage PackageEasy to Use - Designed for character self-checking, thus eliminating the requirement for check character calculations.
  • Codabar Supports Rationalized Codabar, USD-4, NW-7 and 2 of 7 Code and other specifications based on Codabar.
  • Alpha-Numeric Character Set - The Codabar character set consists of barcode symbols representing characters 0-9, Letters A to D and the following symbols: - . $ / +.
  • Industry Standard Support - Developed according to Rationalized Codabar standards.
  • Cross-platform Support - The encoding in this Codabar Fonts package allows for cross-platform Mac and Windows compatibility.
  • Several Font Formats Provided - TrueType, OpenType, PCL LaserJet soft fonts and PostScript font versions are included.
  • Multiple Versions Included - Contains 12 different Codabar Barcode Font versions that are provided to support human-readable versions, different width and height requirements.
  • Over 30 Font Tools Included - Used to automate the process of adding start codes, stop codes and calculating the check digits for Codabar Barcode Fonts.
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